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Cross Mountain Press provides educational materials for educators and parents to effectively nurture their children.

Business Philosophy
Providing coherent educational materials that strengthens the bond between home and school is vital, not only for education but for life.

"How to" education is important. "Why to" education is critical for consistent adult action operating for the best interest of the child. Cross Mountain Press exists to make this information accessible and understandable to the adults who guide and form their children's lives.

Barbara and Edward Fidellow started a Montessori school for their own children. They began with a pre-school and eventually went through High School. The students ran the school: setting the tables for lunch each day with tablecloths, napkins and china and worked in the kitchen. The students cleaned their own classrooms and restrooms. They took care of the horse, the chickens, and the rabbits. They worked in the garden and in the greenhouse and ran their own mini-enterprises. The high school operated like a college with classes meeting two or three times a week. The students learned to operate off of their syllabus and their Things to do Today list. When their three children graduated from the high school, they were well prepared for the independence of college. When they graduated from college, their bosses loved them because they were not only capable but full of initiative, drive, and determination. They not only became successful adults but great people.
In twenty-nine years of running their school the Fidellows came to an understanding that parents were the most important influence in the success of every child and that parent education was a significant and critical need both for the success of the school and the success of the family.  

Cross Mountain Press was established in 2005 to provide "age-old wisdom" in a modern format.  

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